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Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Subject:he wasn't begging, he was just keeping time with his cup.
Time:10:41 am.
one. so i got the hamsa tat on four twenty last year, four twenty this year i added on to it. slowly turning it into this whole quarter sleeve idea, which is also kind of morphing into a whole arm thing. i'm really not sure. we'll see what happens. regardless, i effing love it.

two. one week from tuesday i am finally FINALLY moving out. [again.] getting an apartment with the boyfriend and a midget. aka kyle and miles. [aka shaggy and weeman for anyone familiar with py stix.] this place is going to be stupid fun. homegirl's totally pumped. [this guy.]

three. rothbury is less than a month away. LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY. some people still haven't bought their tickets, ahem, the people i'm planning on GOING with haven't bought their tickets, making me very nervous.
bob dylan mmmmmmmm

four. 311 is next week!!!! i can't not wait can not wait can not waaaaaaait.

five. nora's home for the summer and i can't not express how happy that makes me. leetle seestore! hoorah!

ok. that's probably it. my cat's yelling at me so it's clearly time for me to get out of bed.
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Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Subject:in my double decker double wide.
Time:7:22 pm.

i got my spiral fixed last week by a friend of a friend who works out of his house. it was slightly weird to be watching scrubs, having a smoke, and conversing with lots of people while this guy was tattoing me.

kyle is a server at py and that is so much fun! i try to go up there at least twice a week [including mondays, of course] although my schedual this week will simply not allow it.

i am buying my rothbury ticket shortly after filing my taxes, which is something that is impossible to remember to do.
SO EXCITED. they haven't even announced the line-up yet, but i hear it should be soon. i'd probably still buy my ticket without knowing. there's talk of neil young headlining. NEIL YOUNG. and string cheese incident. [a band that i simply adore]

i would very much like to find another job.

nikki kish needs to come home, for i miss her like a fat kid on a diet misses cake.
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Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Subject:deliver the kidneys.
Time:6:48 pm.

my faith in humanity has been entirely restored thanks to obama being elected.
[mad props, america]

however my faith in the pistons is being tried by that billups for iverson trade. well, no, i'm just irritated that a.i took number one. that should not have happened.

mr. samson, ms. kish and myself have decided to start a band.
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Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Subject:ask yourself why you can't stay just five more minutes
Time:12:37 am.
to sum up the wonder that was rothbury in one sentance:

i registered to vote on the fourth of july while the x i had recently taken was kicking hard.

it was a great fucking weekend. can't wait 'til next summer.

p to the s
i'm taking a jewelry class at occ next semester. pretty jazzed about it.
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Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Subject:tra la la
Time:11:49 am.
heyyyy look at that. livejournal is still here. and so am i.

yesterday was the big four year mark with me and kyle. [not counting that whole on and off and back on again thing.]
so we were uber cheesy and went to monterrey's [first date]. i just ate last nights leftovers. mmmm re-heated shredded chicken enchiladas and refried beans. delish.
saw the happening. it kind of made me freaked out by the trees when walking back to my car which was parked in an empty dimly-lit lot. in my defense, i was high as a kite.
go m night shamalamadingdong. no, it was a decent flick. i'd totally watch it again.

rothbury=one week from today. i am TOTALLY pumped.
the wailers, snoop, 311, widespread panic, and primus all in one day? yes please!
cross your fingers in hopes golden thunder will make it there. back? don't really care that much.

turns out i like lobster. i never knew. just thought i'd throw that in there.
ok! time to gear up for work. splendid.
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Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Subject:Rabbi Usa Kishman.
Time:2:45 pm.
i really don't know if anyone reads this anymore, but on the offchance that you do;

nikki kish's birthday celebration is this monday, the nineteenth. p to the y to the stix.

you should come. it'll be fun.
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Monday, April 21st, 2008

Time:1:33 am.
so, uh, yeah. happy fourtwenty. i suppose. despite it being an hour and a half passed.

today was a blasty blast. minus the pistons losing part.
got another tattoo. pretty jazzed.
if i had a usb cable for my camera i'd post a picture of it. but i don't.

that's it i guess.
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Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Time:2:11 pm.
nora turned twenty-one yesterday.

um. i'm going out to gr this weekend to celebrate if anyone wants to come with me.

i was going to say something else but i forgot what.
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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Subject:nobody likes you when you're twenty-three.
Time:11:39 am.
so my birthday was fun. went to py stix. [go figure.]
they made me a birthday sign that's sitting on my floor now. i don't really know what to do with it.
twatch was rocking my shades for a while and i'm pretty sure they look better on him than they do me.
they set up beer pong for us even though it was sunday.
i did more jager bombs that night than i've done in a long long time.

had to get up early the next morning to drive the no car kids to work, which totally blew ass because i ended up having to pull over on the way home to puke and i got some in my hair. so monday wasn't really a good day.
well, until going to royal oak with dad to take mom out to dinner for her birthday, which was fun and all but TOTALLY weird. i don't really dig this whole parent seperating thing.

kish and i were supposed to go on a date last night but it snowed real bad so we're going next week.
funny, because last week i was supposed to go on a date with this guy but it snowed a ton and we ended up getting kfc and watching movies at his place. apparently no real dates allowed for me.

also. i've been downloading a bunch of bar music. timbaland, ying yang twins, fergie, flo rida... all that shit. i kind of hate myself for it.

i guess that's it. not a whole lot going on.
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Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Subject:reason number 3459834763 why i <3 my blonde counterpart.
Time:12:29 pm.
last night proved to me that kish and i are the most awesome chicks ever.
awesome and completely stupid.
had a girls night out at stix. twatch held up a sign for me and nikki to see for sitting at hogans bar that said "i guess potheads stick together." i chuckled a little, shrugged it off, and nodded. we were dancing like a couple of crazies on those stools making all sorts of new friends. felt like we were there all night but i'm pretty sure it was no more than three hours at the most. we drank entirely too much and she ended up driving golden thunder home while i was trying to pack a bowl. end up missing the exit for m5 and get on 696 which, at the time, was the most hilarious thing that had ever happened to us. somehow made it back to her car where we toyed around with the idea of going to her house to sober up a bit, but i realized the bathroom at my house was way closer and i was about to explode i had to pee so bad. somehow, by the grace of god, made it back to my house, crawled up the stairs, peed like a rockstar, then curled over the toilet for a solid ten or fifteen minutes debating whether or not i was going to get sick. ended up sliding into bed [and not puking] where i was spooning with el gato for a while and for some reason, i couldn't turn my light off or take my birth control before falling asleep.
woke up this morning with no pants on and my name tag from the bar stuck to my cheek that said, "my eyes are open...".
and my car was in the garage when i'm damn near positive i left it in the street.


we had fun. i don't want to go to work today.

p.s. gail pallister: i made that necklace. it will totally remind you of walking barefoot in the summer. i guess you owe me a beer. xo.
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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Subject:i look way down that lonesome road.
Time:12:08 pm.
Mood: indifferent.
my cat is in my lap and she is purring very loud.
if i was also into the purring thing i believe i would be doing so right now.

what's new. i shaved my legs today for the first time in a couple weeks. isn't that neat. went to court this morning to get rid of the would-be point for speeding a month back. ended up having to pay 140. check.

today's the last day of chanukah. i've been making out quite well on the gift front.

and. i've been beading like a motherfucker. expect jewelry. lots of it.
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Monday, November 5th, 2007

Subject:all i can say is my life is pretty plain, i like watching the puddles gather rain
Time:10:25 am.
um. hello?

i guess it's about that time for a monthly [or so] update. i'm not doing anything else at the moment.

things have not been going all that great lately. they could be much much worse [i thank christ that they're not] and i really can't complain too much for i am alive and well [for the most part.]

i'd like to think the halloween party was a great success, despite my faulty memory. i did make seventeen dollars throughout the night, courtesy of the candy and cigarettes i was selling. i guess ms. kish was the only one taking pictures that night and she has yet to send me any. which is kind of a bummer, but i'll be ok.

i hate my job, i'm not enjoying school, and my drinking [i can only assume] is approaching the border of being slightly excessive.

my mom bought a house and is moving out mid-december.

i'm going to straighten my hair, read a couple chapters out of my moral and ethical decisions book, smoke a bowl, and go to class.

i'm looking forward to almost none of that. although it is monday, meaning it's our outing to p.y. stix night, which is a guarenteed good time.
so that's fun.
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Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Subject:your children have grown and you never made your wife moan.
Time:10:58 pm.
if anyone still read this:

halloween party. saturday, the twenty-seventh. [you know, the same day as everyone else's.]

costumes required. probably some cash at the door, don't know for sure yet.

at the cherry hill house. [feel free to somehow get in touch with me if you don't know where it is.]

it'll be grand.

[i got part of my costume today. it's a real winner. better than ever.]
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Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Subject:you can take the jew out of israel but you can't take israel out of the jew.
Time:4:19 pm.
got back yesterday.

excuse my unenthusiastic attitude about being home.
it sucks here in comparison.

[i'm getting my pictures back on monday. i'll probably post a whole bunch then.]
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Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Subject:israel. saturday.
Time:3:50 pm.
when i woke up this morning i couldn't tell if i was still really drunk or really hungover.

it was not fun.

but last night was. bob dylan was superb. topher and i were jammin our asses off waaaaasted in the lawn, after pre-gaming for almost two hours in the parking lot. unfortunately he and i both ran out of smokes so every person we walked past who had one, toph would ask if he could bum a couple... long story short, we end up with two free packs of cigarettes. every brand you can imagine.

i got an email from my lungs this morning, they fucking hate me.

regardless, last night was a blasty blast. we got lost leaving the park and it took us almost two hours to get to country boy, which was after stopping at a gas station to use their bathroom and ended up swiping a couple of vitamin waters. anyhow, afterwards we returned to mi casa and tried to watch evolution but ended up passing the FUCK out.

clearly, becca+topher+beer+cigarettes+bob dylan+late night french fries=a very good night.
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Friday, June 15th, 2007

Subject:want some
Time:2:17 am.
one good thing about my physical i had to get yesterday, aside from the fact that i am fully aproved from a doctors standpoint to go to israel. it went like this.

doc: after reviewing your urine test results, i see that you are slightly on the dehydrated side.
me: oh. well i did play a couple hours of disc golf earlier today.
doc: well that makes sense.
[he writes on his little paper]
doc: wait... what the hell is disc golf?

loves it.
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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Subject:this is me super excited.
Time:1:38 pm.
i'm going to see bob dylan in a month.

thank you that is all.
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Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Subject:i'm sitting here in a boring room.
Time:1:01 pm.
i am alive.

which is almost surprising based on my social life the past few days. i have been very drunk. very often.

i spent the other night with nik... so that was horribly akward [at first] but it was nothing a bottle of bacardi and some decent bud couldn't take care of. which may or may not have been a good idea in the first place. regardless, that night had me convinced that i just fucked up again and that the drama that has been following me for the past few months is here to stay. but i don't think that's the case anymore. whatever happens happens. i no longer give a damn.

i have a couple major assignments due on monday and tuesday that i haven't started yet. instead i sit here updating something that i'm sure no one reads anymore because that makes sense to me.

i have this amazing playlist on itunes going right now. it's blind melon, 311, phish, and grateful dead. that's pretty much it. <3

i suppose now i'll head downstairs, have a smoke, and get started on this homework noise.

so that was a pointless waste of ten minutes of my life which i will never get back. thank you livejournal, thank you.
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Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Subject:i watched return to paradise in class today.
Time:2:06 pm.
well i think it's been just about long enough since my last update that i'll toss out another.

i got my passport picture today. got the ball rolling finally. noratakihead and myself will be heading out to isreal this summer and i'm pretty jazzed. who am i kidding, i'm fucking stoked. i can't remember the last time i was this excited about something.

a new living arrangement was proposed to me today. temporary, most likely. anyway, on my break in class a fellow student and i were making small talk and turns out she's got an extra room at her apartment. (which happens to be at stone ridge... fancy that.) she said i am more than welcome to move in with her, even if it is only until i find another place. or if it turns out we don't get along as roommates, you know, whatever. so that's something i'll most likely be looking into. she works at a health food store. bonus.

and in other news, i'm going to try and see if i can get a job at cranbrook. i was there yesterday for a planetarium adventure for cosmology and i fell in love with the place all over again. so if i could be there every day and getting paid for it, regardless of what i was doing, i would be in geek heaven.

that is all.
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Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Subject:if anyone cares, here's the lowdown.
Time:2:51 pm.
living back at home definitely has it's perks. it just sucks sometimes. like the whole curfew thing. i mean, i understand why i have one despite the fact that i'm twenty two years old, and i really do try my best to abide by it.. but it's such a bummer some nights. and they tell me that if i'm going to spend the night out i have to let them know by eleven when i usually don't even realize i'm going to be out all night until at least two. it's not all that bad, i really can't complain to much. besides, on nights that i do come home, nine times outta ten i'm way late anyway. whoops.

school is going very well; aside from the whole group project in cosmology which is due march seventh and my group hasn't discussed shit yet. for whatever reason, i'm not worried. yet, anyway. all he does in that class (for the most part) is lecture, usually on cool shit so that works out. philosophy is alright. my professor is an absolute hag but the material is interesting enough. nik is going to teach me how to use a pottery wheel before class the week after break... definitely geeked about that.

with regards to the nik situation, things are swell. it's totally simple right now and that's exactly what i need. hanging out every now and again, just having fun. very chill, good times.

[i just got off the phone with my mom after a fifteen minute conversation. and for whatever reason, it was absolutely delightful. we didn't talk about anything of real significance, just everyday things. i am in such a bizarre mood right now, so laid back, more so than usual if that's even possible. anyway...]

things with kyle are good, i think. i'm still not even sure what to make of "us" if there even is an "us" to make something of. i don't know. i feel like we should take a break from seeing each other at all, be it just hanging out or what. i probably should tell him this before posting it somewhere he will more than likely read it. 'nother whoops. he'll probably call me after reading this and i'll probably not answer again because i'm a complete ass who can't say what's on her mind and finds it much easier to avoid any sort of confrontation than to actually deal with the situation at hand. does that make me a horrible person? or just a totally selfish immature person.

this is my life. welcome.
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